Barbie in a Hijab

While driving the other day in the metro Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta I pulled up next to a brand new, fresh off the lot, Volkswagen Routan SEL minivan. When I was younger Volkswagen’s were marginally affordable, but these days a Volkswagen will bust your bank account in the same Teutonic manner as an Audi or a BMW. The Routan SEL will top out close to 40 K if you get enough goodies on it.

An expensive car in Atlanta isn’t an especially noticeable occurrence, this isn’t Detroit after all, but it was the driver that caught my attention. A young woman wearing a hijab was rabidly texting, while driving of course, and I could not help but be struck by the dichotomy of wearing the full head scarf while also enjoying the best technology the decadent West can provide. 

East meets West, indeed?

I couldn’t be sure if she was listening to the downloaded passages of the Qur’an or Kanye West or some classic Tupac. Tupac, of course, being the preferred rapper for your discriminating young gangsta jihadist. Though I have read that Apple is pushing to make the Qur’an available on I-tunes.

But I digress.

I must admit to being curious how the modern American Muslim can reconcile their ancient hatreds of anything bright and sparkly with the need to keep up with the Jones’. Modern decadent Western suburbia being what it is, one must wonder where do you place your prayer rugs? Next to the in-ground hot tub or in the workout room next to the new Bowflex that is now utilized as extra hanging space?

So many questions for the modern Muslim who screams “Death to America” in his or her local mosque while spending the rest of the work week saving up for the next trip to Disney Land.

And what of the poor Muslim kids born and raised in a society that they are born into but yet bred to hate.

Talk about dysfunction.

Do their politically correct parents give them Barbie dolls to practice beheading for wearing a swimsuit that reveal bare ankles?

Or do they get G.I. Joe’s to use in mock random bombing attacks in the backyard by their saltwater swimming pool? 

These may not be questions that require answers, but I am curious. How does a hidden culture that semi-secretly vows the destruction of the society they thrive in deal with such issues?

Did the Prophet consider this when he wrote of destroying the infidels? Or is this an issue best left to the vague interpretations of Surah an-Nun ayah. 

Normally I would not spend this much time even contemplating such silliness, but since the latest horde of Iranian mullahs and their rabid, virgin hungry martyrs seem intent upon starting their own jihad with us these questions are not as silly as they used to be.

Not since the 1968 Democrat Convention has America had such a preponderance of potential saboteurs and terrorists within our midst. They are the proverbial snakes in our bosom. 

Yet, unlike the Greatest Generation, modern American society has been corrupted by decades of leftist inspired and liberal media abetted self-hatred. The age of political correctness may well be the death of us yet. In an effort to forestall that day as long as possible I will keep my eyes open for any hip hopping Muslim babes and their mini vans.

Just ask any Israeli. You can’t trust a Muslim Barbie in a hijab.


The Politics of Submission

Stephen Guy Hardin

[Middle English submissioun, from Old French submission, from Latin submissiō, submissiōn-, a lowering, from submissus, past participle of submittere, to set under; see submit.]

1: the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant
2: an act of submitting to the authority or control of another

Tom Brokaw wrote , “The Greatest Generation”, which heralded the strength and will and determination of a generation of Americans who survived the Great Depression, fought World War Two and forged a nation that would win the Cold War. Though Brokaw is justifiably proud and respectful of this generation of great Americans, it is the political party and the political ideology of Brokaw and his generation of Sixties cultural revolutionaries that is undermining and attempting to destroy everything that the Greatest Generation sacrificed to build.
The radical chic of ‘60’s counterculture radical chic began the cultural erosion that is responsible for the current level of guttural world of political viciousness we now inhabit. As the years wore down and dulled the fighting edge of the generation of the Second World War the need to feed the kids, pay the mortgage and buy the newest Range Rover has dulled any sense of morality and empathy of the liberal elitist classes that at one time in our history meant an open mind.
Rather than debate and discuss current political points of contention, the modern leftist pours their collective militant energy into destroying the opposition. The opposition is of course anyone who is not in lockstep, or is in goose step, with their rigid dogmatic adherence to the power of the state. The state first, the state foremost, the state always.
Slander, besmirch, physically assault, and then cancel anyone who even remotely disagrees with the party line on Black Lives Matter, the righteousness of Antifa destruction or the need to teach Marxism in kindergarten. The common collective denominator of the current leftist political class is a poisonous mix of anger, guilt, and loathing for all things American. A camouflaged cadre of pseudo-Marxist political advisors and consultants who have crafted a political doctrine of hatred and division and treason.
Financed and manipulated by a Democrat Party covertly financed by George Soros, playing the part of the enlightened European immigrant who made his billions upon the back of the American dream. Soros has spun his web of hatred and deceit while profiting from the system he has denounced. Playing puppet master and pulling the strings of politicians bought and paid for he has proven himself to be proved as effective as Herman Goring when he masterminded the burning of the Reichstag.
But I digress.
George Soros, as the enlightened European immigrant, who makes his millions upon the back of the American dream, while denouncing the system he has abused, and Bill Ayers, a hard-core, unrepentant American terrorist, as the ghostwriter and puppet master proved as effective a team as Hitler and Goring when they masterminded the burning of the Reichstag.
One can only imagine the orgasmic fits that must have engulfed the guilt laded millionaires of Wall Street, who had dutifully maintained their Democrat Party registration, while cashing in on the economic euphoria of excess of the Reagan Revolution.
How they must have unconsciously giggled as schoolgirls as they wrote out check after check to finance the campaign of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change We Can Believe In.’ What an emotional release it must have been to be able to discuss the possibility of the renewal of the spirit and dream of the Sixties Counter-Revolution, instead of the stale and tired debate concerning the merits of the BMW X5 over the Porsche Cayenne as the de rigueur SUV at their tennis club.
I can empathize with the terrible burden that the success of pursuing the American dream must have caused for the spoiled children of the Greatest Generation. To lounge in the lap of luxury of all you marched against as a college student, while pursuing your MBA on your parent’s dime, has certainly created a notable chemical imbalance in their brains. I have always believed that chemical imbalance was the only explanation for successful and educated people who actively campaign to destroy their own lifestyle and the society that has embraced them.
Chemical imbalance, indeed.
It is an historical truth that leftist political philosophy is a fraudulent mask disguising the corruptive hunger of man’s need to control his fellow man. The driving philosophy of the left is that people are incapable of taking care of themselves, thus the government must be grown to accommodate and enable the welfare state as the means of supplanting personal liberty for the illusion of security.
And for the votes. Let’s not forget the votes.
So, as the Democrat intelligentsia bow before their well-worn copies of Das Kapital much in the same manner the National Basketball Association bows before its Chinese Communist masters the progressives and their fellow travelers roll like pigs in the mud over every overly stressed syntax of Rules for Radicals. It must be refreshing to be able to breathe the freshly filtered air of the emancipation from the hypocrisy of the leftist masquerade of caring about the American working class.
The politics of American exceptionalism has been supplanted by the politics of white guilt. The politics of American political discussion has been replaced by the politics of class hatred. The politics of American patriotism has been debased by the politics of self-loathing. And the politics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been enslaved by the politics of submission.

The Fascism of Being ‘Woke’

Stephen Guy Hardin

“Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism.” – Huey P. Long

“If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” – Ronald Reagan

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. ” – Barack Obama

History repeats itself. This is the first rule of history.

People never learn from history. This is the first rule of life.

People are creatures of habit and the lessons of failure are easily forgotten. Time and time again men and women rise through the strictures of their culture yet fail to observe the history of failures which surround them. It is much too easy and much too gratifying to feed our ego with the delusion that we are the oneswho will succeed where others failed.

We are the Ones who will make socialism work.

We are the Ones who will make nationalized health care a reality.

We are the Ones who will lower the oceans.

We are the Ones who will rectify the injustice done to the oppressed people of the world.

We are the Ones who will create a one-party state.

We are the Ones you have been waiting for.

Fascism, the blending of corporate and government into a unified command and control totalitarian regime, is not an American invention. All historical surges of fascism, socialism and communism take advantage of economic recession and depression, when the psyche and morale of the populace is at its weakest. Fear and panic are the short fuse for the rise of totalitarianism. The evil of totalitarianism knows no national boundaries or observes no legal etiquette. It is a constant threat to all republics and democracies.

Democrat Governor Huey Long built a political machine in Louisiana that was based on class hatred and the promise of radical redistribution of wealth. Tax the rich into submission and hand out bread to the poor, while pocketing the difference. “Share the Wealth” was the signature program of Long’s administration. The practice of newspaper censorship and the creation of special police units and state boards to shut down any opposition was the harsh reality of his regime. This is the clearest example of the left’s blueprint for America’s future.

Campaign slogans prophesying hope and promising change are the true opiate of the masses. These are the marketing tools used to achieve the only campaign goal that will be realized, which is the accumulation and consolidation of total power. Bright shining banners, freshly polished jackboots, bonfires and speeches, the bright pastel logos on airliners flying from one campaign stop to another; these are all the marketing tools of fascism.

Narcissism is the prerequisite for being Woke and the Woke warriors are the heroes of their own life. 

Leftist histories paint Che and Fidel and Lenin and Trotsky as selfless martyrs sacrificing all for the masses. The reality, to those who haven’t had their brains turned to mush by Adderall addled leftist college professors, is that all of the Woke heroes were fascists in the truest sense of the word.

Lenin ended the reign of the Czar and murdered thousands in the name of Marx.

Stalin murdered millions in the name of psychotic paranoia.

Mussolini made the trains run on time and invaded helpless, backward nations.

Hitler built autobahns, lit the fuse on a second world war and industrialized genocide.

Bush crafted new laws to spy on his voters and launched wars without end in the name safety.

Obama betrayed Hope and Change for institutionalizing American self-loathing.

Antifa terrorizes and brutalizes in the name of enlightened anarchy.

If history is to be the judge one must ponder the future of the Republic, fear for the minds of the people and tremble for the Fascism of being ‘Woke.’

Socialists by a New Label

                                                      Stephen Guy Hardin

While on the perpetual campaign trail the “Woke” leaders of the Democrat party stumble and push to get out the sound bites of their newest taxpayer boondoggle… I mean substantive anti-poverty programs.

Senator Bernie “Gramps” Sanders (I–Vermont) has called for national rent control, in addition to $2.5 trillion (that’s billion with a T) in new federal housing and construction money. And of course, this paltry sum would be considered pocket change by this nation’s billionaire class and thus happy to pony up the dough via yet another soak the rich tax scheme. Senator Kamala “I Can’t Get Your Zipper Down” Harris (D–CA) is foaming at the proverbial mouth to top Gramps… err, Senator Sanders in the Woke spending category. Willie Brown’s former partner in adultery has proposed spending $2 trillion (yes, they love their T’s) for historically black colleges and universities alone. In addition, Senator Harris is proposing an additional two billion dollars in spending to eliminate all overdue minority cell phone bills, all delinquent bail bond fees and provide voter registration cards to anyone who cannot prove they are in the U.S. legally.

Not to be outdone, Barack Obama’s former Housing and Urban Development Secretary and part time White House pool boy Julian “Grab Me a Towel Julie” Castro, not only wants to steal… I mean adopt Sanders and Harris ‘spending bills, he wants to throw on a little additional progressive window dressing to prove he can be as black as any other Latino.  Julian wants to add slavery reparations into the mix as well as promising a free Escalade and a year’s supply of Kool Menthols to every African American family that can prove it voted “D” at least three times in every election. Wow, that’s sounds a tad racist, Julian.

But I digress.

This current gang of Democratic political hacks, like the gang before them and the gang after them, are proposing the same tired proposals for rent control, renters’ bills of rights, affordable home building subsidies and above all tax increases. Programs that are touted and shouted as the newest and greatest answer to the woes of the lower classes are in fact already on the books in places where housing costs are out of reach of the middle class as well as the lower class such as New York, Los Angeles and of course the poster child for progressive enlightenment, San Francisco.

These few examples of urban housing reform all share one thing besides high crime, high cost of living and high taxes. They are all programs put in place by the Democrat party, which is just another label for the progressive left, which used to be the liberal left. But in the end names don’t matter since it is all the same, as they are all just socialists by a new label.

“In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost of Marx”

Stephen Guy Hardin

Over the past few decades, I have come to the realization that for all the left’s censoring of God in general and Christianity in particular they do indeed worship a god (small g) of their own choosing. The god the left worships, with a passion that would make a Jesuit go weak at the knees, is the god of class envy and hatred. The godfather (small g) of all these lefties, Karl Marx, and his partner in crime… I mean social justice, Friedrich Engels, co-pioneered the philosophy of class envy and class hatred. 

Not unlike Hitler turning against the Jews, who had befriended him in Austria when he was a starving young sociopath, Marx turned against the class of people who had befriended him when he was starving and unable to provide for his family. In the process of squandering the funds from his poor deluded wife’s family, Marx wrote and theorized on the denigration of the working classes by the oppressive bourgeois and so on and so on and so on.

I have always found the image of Marx speaking on behalf of the working classes a little humorous. Humorous in that he never did an honest day’s work in his life, other than giving his patron Friedrich an occasional foot massage. But, of course, this is what the left does. They try to achieve a balanced harmonious emotional state without the benefit of mood-altering medication. Only by berating and attempting to cancel anyone that does cohabit their echo chamber are leftists able to achieve a Zen-like state of calm and inner peace that only the true narcissist knows.

The next time you see a herd of progressive politicians gathered around a microphone, their faces contorted in anger and disgust,  just remember that they are all richer than you could ever hope to be in two lifetimes. They have their own limos, private jets, private armed security, multiple homes, wives, and girlfriends, as well as being on a first name basis with the crème de la crème of the top leftist morons of Hollywood. So anytime you start to feel guilty about not being poor enough or angry enough or woke enough remember who these people really.  Remember how they really live when the cameras have stopped rolling and the microphones are switched off.

Kneeling at the altar of the stupefying hypocrisy that is white guilt the modern progressive blithely skip into battle against the evil legions of conservatives, Republicans, and most ordinary citizens. Genuflecting to the dual holy sacraments of Das Kapital and Dreams of My Father these social justice warriors puff out their shallow chests, put on their black face masks and begin mumbling the mantra of radical left, “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost of Marx.”

“For God’s Sake Don’t be Funny”

Stephen Guy Hardin

“I am not a bum. I’m a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman. Now I only have two things: my friends, and… uh… my thermos. Huh? My story? Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi…”

This is the opening monologue from the movie The Jerk . Funny in 1979. Racist, oppressive, and symbolic of Whte privilege now.

Pete Davidson,  Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld just to name a growing number of professional big name comedians are no longer performing on college campuses. The reason? Besides college students being too self involved to put down their i-phone long enough to listen to a real person the overriding reason is the Black plague of a free society. Political correctness. College kids today are too politically correct.

The over pampered, underachieving college age elitists that refers to themselves in the third person as Progressives adhere to the strictures of politically correct thought control with the same religious zeal  Muslims adhere to as they strap a vest of explosives onto their underage child and pat them on the hand as they drop them off near the nearest U.S. Army base.

But I digress.

“I hear that all the time,” Seinfeld said in a recent interview. “I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC.’”

Seinfeld says teens and college-aged kids don’t understand what it means to throw around certain politically-correct terms. “They just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice,’” he said. “They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

Seinfeld went on to recount a conversation he and his wife had with their college-bound daughter.

“My wife says to her, ‘Well, you know, in the next couple years, I think maybe you’re going to want to be hanging around the city more on the weekends, so you can see boys,’” Seinfeld recalled. “You know what my daughter says? She says, ‘That’s sexist.’”

Teenagers will be teenagers, right?  But this isn’t underage drinking, or staying  out too late or smoking pot behind the neighbors garage. This is thought control at its most basic. Destroy one of society’s most basic forms of freedom of speech, humor, and you begin to Eliminate the ability of anyone to speak their version of truth to power.  It’s just a short hop,skip and a jump before you are on the yellow brick road road to a totalitarian state and the Man behind the Curtain is holding an AK-47.

This current crop of self identified social justice warriors are so cautious and careful with any thoughts and speech that the ability to descent is bred out by future generations. This is the group think that if I agree with the crowd I will be protected from the crowd.  Sounds surprisingly similar to the group think of a lynch mob.

Lynch mob,indeed.

“Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson revealed in a new interview that he has sworn off performing on college campuses because hypersensitive students are sucking the fun out of comedy.

“It makes doing college [shows] really hard,” Mr. Davidson, 26, told Paper magazine while discussing the rise of cancel culture.

“I refuse to do a college after this year ‘cause it’s like, you’re just setting yourself up for trouble,” he said. “Comedy is just, like, getting destroyed. Standup’s about to be about, like, sneakers. Like, ‘Hey, everyone like sneakers?’ You can’t talk about anything. You can’t. The second you open your mouth and have an opinion, you lose money today. And I don’t think that’s a safe place to live in.”

Mr. Davidson has sparked controversy in the past on college campuses and for comments on the current cancel culture and #MeToo Movement which was deemed not ideologically pure enough. In August, the University of Central Florida condemned an on-campus performance by Mr. Davidson for using “abusive language” and upsetting students after he used the word “retarded.”  

Oh,the horror.

The day before this hate crime was committed he sparked backlash for arguing that not all alleged perpetrators in the #MeToo movement should be treated equally.  

Is he insane?

Mr. Davidson explained that none of his jokes come from a hateful place.

“And you can’t know what’s funny until you try it, you know?” he said. “But anything I’ve ever said on stage or made a joke about, I don’t regret it. I mean, some jokes I’m like, ‘Welp, that joke sucked.’ You know? But I’m never like, ‘Aw [expletive]!’ ‘Cause there are times I try things that I think are ridiculous and they work. And that’s what sucks about political correctness in comedy, I think that you need freedom.”

It’s an easy observation to wonder aloud how Lenny Bruce or George Carlin or Richard Pryor would succeed or even earn enough for gas money in today’s vicious,hate filled college climate of speech censorship and thought police uncaged like a pack of German shepherds attacking a peaceful protest. Bruce, Carlin, Sahl just to name a few of the breaking  wave of ‘60’s protest against the restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of action that was the social norm of an earlier time were fighting against the very controlling , reactionary culture that today’s comedians are abandoning the fight against.

The difference, I suppose, is that the old school comedians who broke the barriers and crossed the lines that were clearly drawn had the courage of their convictions and were not afraid.  Not afraid of losing a gig and a paycheck, not afraid of being called names and threatened . Not afraid of society’s judgment.

I guess the key phrase here is not afraid. Today’s comedians don’t want the fight or the potential lost earnings or a cancelled Netflix project.  It’s no longer about humor breaking barriers , it’s about humor buying a new Maserati. In an art form that used humor to change the by word now is don’t offend, don’t challenge, and for Gods’ sake don’t be funny.

Pandering to Progressive Pooches

cropped-c5fb68bbed85f02cd1955e925faa43f3.jpgStephen Guy Hardin


Beginning in August the city of San Francisco will initiate yet another stillborn attempt at social engineering.

Wretchedly odorous, panhandling, homeless bums…. I mean disenfranchised, hygienically challenged, mobile private donation centers, are being drafted onto the already bloated city payroll. The city will begin paying up to $75 a week of taxpayer money to stop the homeless from begging for meth cash… uh, eliciting for private sector financing, and become foster parents to puppies from city animal shelters until the pups are ready for adoption.

The program is called Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fido’s, or WOOF. No, I’m not making that up. Only a San Francisco Democrat could think of a public sector program this Looney Tunes.

So it comes as no surprise that San Francisco is exuberant to the point of sexual exhaustion as it becomes the first city in the country to attempt such a sublimely stupid program. WOOF will pair ten dogs with ten people who are living in city housing, thus allowing the dogs to be socialized, if they aren’t eaten first.

But wait!

Here comes PETA galloping in to spare those poor puppies a fate worse than Obamacare.

Poor puppies, indeed.

PETA, in a blatant attempt to regain the lunatic fringe high ground, has issued a manifesto on a recycled Whole Foods shopping bag claiming that the program would put the animals at risk.

“The city is in essence experimenting with the lives of homeless animals and people. Many chronic panhandlers battle with addiction and mental health issues often associated with liberalism. Of course we don’t really care about the homeless, but it makes for good sound bites on the local news. Our real concern is for the dogs. Dogs won’t be able to tell us if they were harshly scolded, smacked, misrepresented as income tax deductions, or used to commit voter fraud.”

But, I digress.

The PETA mafia is so incensed by the city trying to horn in on its animal martyr donation racket that it has offered to buy the city out. Ponying up a woven hemp shoulder bag packed to the brim with small bills to the tune of $10,000 the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is prepared to buy all the puppy rights in the City by the Bay.

City officials have stated they will not accept PETA’s brazen attempt to monopolize the homeless puppies intended for the panhandlers segment of the city.

To quote an unnamed city official, “The City of San Francisco will never yield one centimeter in our continuing quest to make our formerly great city the laughing stock of the world. We will always be proud to be ridiculed as the city known for Haight – Ashbury, the best gay bathhouses in the world, Nancy Pelosi and pandering to progressive pooches.”

Elvis Wages Fatwa


Stephen Guy Hardin


Iranian rapper and owner of Naj’s Rug Emporium, Shahin Najafi, has been sentenced to death by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The death sentence was issued against the rap artist after he released a controversial song called Naqi.

Mr. Najafi has become the Salman Rushdie of rap after clerics in the Islamic republic issued a fatwa, or righteous curse of the boogeyman, labeling him an apostate. Being branded an apostate is considered punishable by death under sharia law and is the second most heinous crime in modern Iran, right after wearing Levi’s in public.

The holy shit storm hit Allah’s fan when the Germany based Najafi, released a song which made references to Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi. Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi is the tenth of the twelve Shia Muslim Imams, a religious figure highly respected by millions in Iran and several sections of south Detroit.

The cleric Ayatollah Naser Makareme Shirazi, Junior, a Holocaust denier and registered Democrat based in the semi holy city of South Qom was the latest to jump on the fatwa camel train.

Fatwa camel train, indeed.

“Any outrage against the infallible Imams, including obvious insults, would make a Muslim an apostate,” he said. Naser Makareme Shirazi, Junior, has in the past issued other controversial edicts. Such as an attempt to ban women from attending public soccer matches, denying the existence of the Holocaust and banning reruns of How I Met Your Mother on Iranian national television. Well, I can see the logic of that last one.

But, I digress.

Najafi’s song, Naqi, is a rap commentary on Iranian social and religious events from the past year. Najafi, speaking from his rug shop in Frankfurt, has rejected claims that he meant to insult the Imam’s religious beliefs or the true parentage of their children.

“I thought there would be some ramifications. But I didn’t think I would upset the regime that much. Now they are taking advantage of the situation and making it look like I was trying to criticize Islam and put down believers,” he told German journalist and renowned Islamophile, Wolfgang Fang, who is the author of the international bestseller, Eva Braun Wore a Hakim.

“For me it is more of an excuse to talk about completely different things. I also criticize Iranian society in the song. It seems as though people are just concentrating on the word ‘Imam’. Just because I call the Imam’s bitches does not mean I do not respect them.”

In an effort to resolve the growing cultural crisis the official Iranian religious website,, has offered a $105,000 reward for anyone who delivers Najafi’s head on a platter. Or failing that, there is a $ 20,000 reward for an autographed copy of his soon to be released CD, Elvis Wages Fatwa.